Who are the voice actors in Final Fantasy XVI? Full voice cast

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Final Fantasy XVI is the next main Final Fantasy title, and it features a cast of characters called Dominants. These characters command the fearsome Eikons, which represent the classic Final Fantasy calling to a larger role in life these days. When the Dominants clash, more kaiju-style battles ensue, and the character performance comes through even in their monstrous form. This guide will explain who the voice actors are that bring these heroes and villains to life in Final Fantasy XVI.

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Full Final Fantasy XVI English Voice Cast

Clive Rosfield – Ben Starr

image via IMDB

Clive is the main character and hero of Final Fantasy XVI. His voice actor, Ben Starr, is not known for many acting jobs. He has done many live-action roles in shows like Jamestown and Dickensian.

Joshua Rosfield – Logan Hannan

image via IMDB

Fresh from playing Hugo in A Plague Tale: Requiem is Logan. He is a great voice actor who has shown his range in previous games driven by cinematic narrative.

Jill Warrick (child) – Charlotte McBurney

image via Twitter

Charlotte was nominated for Best Performance at the 2022 Game awards for her performance as Amicia in A Plague Tale: Requiem. Hugo and Amicia’s voice actors are back in Final Fantasy XVI, but they’re not siblings this time.

Jill Warrick (young adult) – Susannah Fielding

image via IMDB

Susannah is a prolific voice actor who has appeared in titles such as CrossfireX and Diablo Immortal. He has also done live television, especially on This Season with Alan Partridge.

Cidolfus Telamon – Ralph Ineson

image via IMDB

Cid is a classic character in every Final Fantasy title, and seasoned veteran Ralph Ineson brings him to life. He appeared in Willow and The Legend of Vox Machina.

Benedikta Harman – Nina Yndis

image via IMDB

Nina is an experienced actor who has appeared in movies like Peaky Blinders and Midwifethen games like Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga and Bravely Default II.

Hugo Kupka – Alex Lanipekun

image via IMDB

Alex has appeared in several games, such as As Dusk Falls and Horizon Forbidden Waste. He has also appeared in several live-action television shows such as Dominate and The Ascension.

Dion Lesage – Stewart Clarke

image via Twitter

Stewart is best known for their work in television shows such as The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance and The Moonstone. They also appeared in CrossfireX and Valkrie Elysium.

Barnabas Thurmer – David Menkin

image via IMDB

David Menkin is best known for his role as Dad Hooman in Floogals. He also appeared in The Sandman. He voiced Luke Skywalker in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga.

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