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E3 2023 is scheduled to return to Los Angeles this June, and now Microsoft has officially confirmed that Xbox will not be participating in the event with a booth on the show floor.

In a statement to IGN, an Xbox spokesperson said that the company will co-broadcast its June 11 Xbox Games Showcase as part of the digital component of E3 2023. However, Xbox confirmed that it “will not be on the E3 show. ” .

None of this comes as a surprise, as it was recently reported that Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo would not be officially participating in E3 2023.

IGN also reported that participation in E3 2023 “remains unresolved.” The report added that “many publishers do not know who will participate in the event.”

New E3 organizer ReedPop announced this week that unnamed “AAA companies” will be appearing at the event.

“The full list of exhibitors will be announced prior to the show, giving participating companies the opportunity to make their own individual announcements beforehand,” ReedPop said.

Although Microsoft is not officially involved with E3 2023 with a booth on the show floor, Xbox firmly believes in E3 as an event. Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer told IGN that “we’re doing everything we can to help make E3 a success.”

Microsoft’s Xbox Games Showcase during the week of E3 this year is scheduled for Sunday, June 11, and will be followed by an event dedicated entirely to Starfield. The game was recently pushed back again and will now be released in September 2023.

E3 2023 returns to the Los Angeles Convention Center this June, starting on June 13. The event will present different opportunities for general fans and business partners.

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